• - Wakaba set - Try various kinds of waka - rice.You can enjoy Niigata local cuisine.

      1836 yen ~

      A classic setting of a rural cottage that added local cuisine "Hataira" "Shinmaumae" to "Various Wafer rice"! This is more advantageous than enjoying separately.Lunch with coffee (Weekday only, excluding designated days) Popular set that can taste Niigata taste at once! Set of seasonal ripers can also be set (Various Wasabi plus plus 800 yen tax)

    • Wasabi rice set (various) ~ Month - Fri We offer only weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, gw, Obon etc specified days are excluded ~

      1080 yen -

      Wafer rice can be chosen from [salmon, chicken, crab, shrimp barbarian, salmon parents].Two small bowls and coffee are attached to various Wasabi rice.Small bowls are homemade dishes, but the taste of old-fashioned stores is a bit different, the second taste is also different! It is only for lunch time that you can enjoy easily.

    • Respected Rosanman Wakaraza ~ Both day and night can be used on the same day! Parts of each tax / GW, O-bon etc. can not be provided

      Day 2700 yen Night 3024 yen

      Wakabaya originating from a rural family old town is a popular salmon parent and child! You can also change to other waka-rice as you like, serving local cuisine "Nodaira" or "Local Shunbunashi dipping", " It will be content that you can enjoy the taste of Niigata and the taste of the pride of the shop such as "Karate Karako".

    • Niigata Regional Wagawaze ~ Available on the day and night and on the same day! Partially unavailable for each tax / gw, Obon etc.

      Day 2376 yen Night 2700 yen

      It is a simple dish with a dish "Tarekatsu", which became familiar with Niigata, "Nodaira, Tochio fried," to the original "Sake Washa Rice" which is simple but can taste the taste of rice and ingredients.Oshima also comes with other miso soup and Oshika of the above contents.Wafer rice can be changed by request But difference will be generated depending on ingredients.

    • Echigo luxury Wagowazen only 10 meals a day! Only the day and night can be used on the same day! Individual items 2100 yen Tax excluding taxes / / gw, Bon Festival etc. Not available

      Day 2700 yen Night 3024 yen

      Inspired from customer's request, the birth of a rural cottage rice luxurious luxury item! Washi rice ingredients are made from 6 kinds of materials from standard ingredients to limited rice ingredients ♪ luxurious content ♪ Seasoned meals You can also enjoy horse mackerel etc using Niigata brand pork "Asahi pig" as well as Tappairu.We will also serve as a single item, but our service is benefited.

    • Limited 30 Food Limited "Friday Nocturnal Set Meal" Limited Friday Only!

      900 yen

      We serve once a week on Friday, special lunch with full volume! Rice is great Niigata Koshihikari big food! All meat used is domestic, Japanese beef crust and grilled dish, special made mechikatsu is one popular stuff ♪ However the quantity We will make a reservation for limitation.We also have coffee after dinner for the lunch.

  • ★ Birthplace of a country house ★ Special product of Niigata "Waka rice"

    • Wakabama variety

      756 yen - 1296 yen

      All five kinds of Wa - ra which can be enjoyed throughout the whole year! "Salmon, crab, tomato, salmon parent, childbirth shrimp" History The deep flavor examines the materials of rice and soup stock as the birthplace shop.The most popular is "Salmon Parents and Children" put on a finish the soy sauce pickles.

    • Throat black Wappa rice (arrival, depending on purchase situation unavailable)

      ¥ 1836

      We grill the luxury fish representative of Niigata "throat black" and steam it afterwards.Since there are particular attention to examination of size, shape, etc., we may not be able to offer according to the purchase situation.

    • For winter only, oyster boiled rice (from the end of October until the end of March)

      1080 yen

      Seasonal limited wakame rice, fresh and milky oysters will be served in the white miso and steamed up will be offered.When the aroma of yuzu put on the finish arouses appetite, there are people who come every year Wasabi rice

    • In summer, Wako wakaba (June to September)

      1404 yen

      We will offer you after steaming the boiled conger finished with soy sauce etc. Which handles plenty of Confucius thinly.Please enjoy the sticking and deliciousness of the material and homemade claws everywhere.

    • Spring, Sakura seaweed rice (Served only at the end of March to the April course)


      In the early spring of spring cherry blossom season, it will be cooked rice to serve only the course.I will put the scent of cherry salted pickles on the finish