• Niigata specialty 【Nabari shrimp】

      Niigata specialty 【Nabari shrimp】


      Also a popular local ingredient of Niigata "Nanbanbi shrimp" is prepared! Fresh bamboo shrimp with plump fruit matches well with Japanese sake called Nanbutsu from color like hot pepper and strong sweet peppers!

    • Local cuisine "Nappe"

      Local cuisine "Nappe"


      A Niigata local cuisine "Hatpe" is also available.Although it depends on the area and the way of finishing is different, our shop is finished in an elegant and delicate taste. The certain umami is a popular menu for sightseeing and entertainment.

    • Fresh and plump 【rock oyster】 May-August end

      Fresh and plump 【rock oyster】 May-August end


      We will deliver that time in various parts of the country, Niigata Yamakita production arrives from July ~! We will offer fresh and milky oysters fresh!

    • Boiled long-established store

      Boiled long-established store


      If you look at the local taste, polite work ... will slowly include the taste.

    • Fried tofu Tooten Tochio

      Fried tofu Tooten Tochio


      Niigata Specialty Jumbo Oils Prepared bean selection brands among others.

    • Takigawa Toyomi

      Takigawa Toyomi


      Popular homemade bean curd of June to September period, carefully selected soy milk and gluttony, you can enjoy elegance and well-tasted flavors.

    • Niigata can also enjoy river fish.From June to the end of September

      Niigata can also enjoy river fish.From June to the end of September


      Seasonal river fish such as sweetfish which can be taken at Agano River, Misaki River etc. are also delicious!

  • A number of fresh seafood off the Sado Island in the "Tsushimi" market

    • Assorted sashimi (for one person)

      Assorted sashimi (for one person)

      1620 yen

      Nanban shrimp, natural winter (winter season), seasonal white body and so on.Fresh seafood purchased in the market sticks to freshness! Because it is sold out, reservation in advance is recommended!

    • Nanban shrimp sashimi

      Nanban shrimp sashimi

      1512 yen

      The Nambari shrimp off the Sado Island can enjoy the original umami you can taste because it is characterized by its sweet condensed taste!

    • Banai sashimi

      1404 yen

      Korikori's cheeky response, the offshore Sado Island is sweet!

    • Throat Black Sashimi

      Throat Black Sashimi

      1944 yen

      Crisp fresh "nodogro" with sashimi.I feel happiness in the mouth with sweetness, chewiness.

    • Seasonal prawn sashimi

      Seasonal prawn sashimi

      864 yen ~

      Sado Oki true squid, spearwort, red squid and soft flower squid Seasonal squid from the season is sashimi.

  • "Fresh fish baked goods"

    • Yanagi (Yanagi Karei) First baked

      Yanagi (Yanagi Karei) First baked

      1944 yen ~

      When saying Niigata, Yanagi adds a number of taste when it is baked by drying for 2 to 3 hours after buying a representative luxury fish.

    • Throat black grilled salt

      Throat black grilled salt

      2376 yen -

      "Throat black" that can be taken off the coast of Sado is the greatest umami, the best luxury fish on both sides of the fat, "throat black" in Niigata is a bit different.

    • Salmon's Saikyo grill

      Salmon's Saikyo grill

      1080 yen -

      You can taste all year at our shop.There is a commitment to change how to mix soybean milk according to how to ride fat.

    • Grilled beanfish on the beach

      Grilled beanfish on the beach

      864 yen ~

      Clams, sauces, white shells and seasonal shellfish are offered.

    • Pickled silver cord miso

      Pickled silver cord miso

      1296 yen

      Immerse it in the matching miso and bake it.One item that you can enjoy the fragrance of miso, aroma taste

    • Grilled scallops with butter

      Grilled scallops with butter

      864 yen

      You can taste the flavor of the ribbon and the fragrance of butter sauce.

    • A squid how to sow

      A squid how to sow

      864 yen

      Mr. Sado true squid is not overnight dry but it is a single breeze! Because it is a condensed taste, it can be softened even if it is cold.

  • "Simmons / local cuisine"

    • Noppei (Complete)

      Noppei (Complete)

      756 yen

      Typical simmered dishes of Niigata local cuisine.We use 5 kinds of ingredients for soup stock, we use several kinds of vegetables, salmon, chicken to finish delicious taste.

    • Stuffed boiled

      Stuffed boiled

      756 yen

      Include the taste thoroughly polish carefully one by one.You can feel the work unique to established business.

    • Misodakara


      432 yen

      Tengaku Miso decide the taste! Mix together several kinds of miso and knead it carefully.It is exactly country food but I will spare you.

    • Savory egg custard

      540 yen

      Such dish that gets deliciously delicious ingredients.Please feel the difference in soup stock.

  • "Wasabi"

    • Salmon and fathers Wakaba

      Salmon and fathers Wakaba

      1296 yen

      Birth of a country house !! Local cuisine boasted by Niigata! Washi rice the most popular! The most popular Ichiban rice! "How much" of commitment is sent directly to Murakami shi!

    • Nanban shrimp puffer

      Nanban shrimp puffer

      1080 yen

      Birth of a country house !! Local cuisine with boasts of Niigata boasted rice !! Steamed with a large sweet savory shrimp which can be eaten even with sashimi.Before steaming up, it is decisive to have ◯◯◯ to taste.

    • Salmon rice

      Salmon rice

      756 yen

      Origin of the country house! Niigata boasts the regional cuisine rice dishes boasted! 60 years ago I started with this waste rice.Niigata = salmon Simple but it is the grand priest rice which tells the taste of carefully selected rice "Koshihikari" the most.

    • Oyster Wappa (October - March)

      Oyster Wappa (October - March)

      1080 yen

      Birth of a country house !! Regional cuisine boasted by Niigata! Washi rice! After stealing in white miso using oysters from Kamo Lake in Sado, steam it, you can enjoy it with the aroma of yuzu.(Seasonal Wafer Rice Popularity No. 1)

    • Crab Wagon

      Crab Wagon

      1080 yen

      Birth of a country house !! Local cuisine with boasts of Niigata boasted rice !! Using two kinds of parts, enjoy the taste, umami, texture and the original taste of crab spreads to rice.

    • Chicken Rice

      Chicken Rice

      756 yen

      Birth of a country house !! Local cuisine boasted by Niigata boiled rice !! Steamed after dipping domestic chicken breast meat in sake, soy sauce.Meat is also soft and popular with children and poor seafood!

    • Throat black Wappa (There are cases when there is a missing item according to purchase situation)

      Throat black Wappa (There are cases when there is a missing item according to purchase situation)

      1944 yen

      Luxury Washi rice which used luxury fish "Nodogro" abundantly.Broil the skin with roughness and spread and fragrance and fat spread with dew.(It may be missing due to arrival conditions and the weather.

    • Wakko Wakaba (June to October)

      Wakko Wakaba (June to October)

      1404 yen

      This is a seasonal boiled rice.Thinly cook shells and finish with sweet honey and apply for Kinshi yam.Please enjoy fluffy texture and thick shells

    • Sakura Snapper (for spring only)

      2100 yen ~ (Sushi price)

      This is limited wakame rice! It becomes waka rice which can be eaten only with the special course of spring and Spring menu (reservation required).If you have a chance to use a natural snapper of nature, I definitely want to have it in your reservation.

  • " Fried food "

    • Deep-fried shrimp of Nanban shrimp specializing in Niigata

      Deep-fried shrimp of Nanban shrimp specializing in Niigata

      1080 yen

      Nabari shrimp from Sado, our shop combines with the surimi of Hamo and tastes the elegant plumpness and prawn's flavor to the fullest. Niigata boasts a true height, deep fried but different from the shop but a masterpiece of confidence!

    • Mouth refreshing

      Mouth refreshing

      1080 yen -

      Near the Niigata Sea is a treasure trove of,, it is made easy to eat by removing the bones and bones.Please enjoy yourself at home, bone with rice crackers with homemade ponzu.

    • Fried omelet

      Fried omelet

      1944 yen ~

      Tiger fish off the coast of Sado deep fried whole.It is easy to eat and cut, so you can enjoy everything.

    • Crab fly flies

      1134 yen

      The meat under the nail has elasticity at its mouth.A rare item that can only take two from a cup of crab.Compatible with aurora sauce!

    • Tempura Assorted

      Tempura Assorted

      1728 yen

      Shrimp, squid, white and seasonal vegetables, spring early spring mountain vegetables and so on.If you are lucky, "Nodogro" will enter.

  • "Sake of sake"

    • Salmon salmon

      735 yen

      One authentic salting salmon is ordered from Murakami ~ Nagi is a Niigata valve which peels thinly and it is a dish by all means to the salad of accent from sake!

    • Red beard salted fish

      420 yen

      Although it is salty of the so-called "Ami", it is popular also for delicacies and souvenirs that feel the history of a country house fermented 25 ~ year, unlike other shops.

    • Pickled whale miso

      Pickled whale miso

      1080 yen

      Immerse with dusty chewy homemade miso.

    • Pickled with pepper sauce

      540 yen

      Cook carefully with rice gruel juice.You can taste the sweet salamander flavor.

    • Homemade or salted fish

      Homemade or salted fish

      540 yen

      There is a commitment to make cow sperm cotton together with those pickled for 3 months and pickled one day.This side is the secret of deliciousness!

  • "Meat"

    • Country hormone

      Country hormone

      648 yen

      Stir fresh chicken liver, eggs, sand liver etc. with plenty of vegetables and sweet sauce.Add egg yolk and eat it and it is essential!

    • Echigo wagyu pig pickled in miso

      1080 yen

      Niigata Brand Pork is one of the fleshy of soft and fine fibers, balanced with good balance of body and fat, you can enjoy local vegetables in season.

    • Japanese beef fishing

      Japanese beef fishing

      2700 yen

      We will only cook Japanese Wagyu beefsters.In general we use beef peach but our attention to sirloin at our shop

    • Horse meat sashimi

      Horse meat sashimi

      1620 yen

      I am allowed to use the horse meat (lean) in Nagano prefecture.Please enjoy with soy sauce.

    • Horse meat char-grilled

      1575 yen

      I am allowed to use horse meat in Nagano prefecture.Broiled fresh lean meat with delicious green onion and autumn leaves grated with homemade ponzu.

    • Horse meat sauce

      972 yen

      I am allowed to use horse meat in Nagano prefecture.The fresh lean is entwined with garlic soy sauce and roasted rubbing and the flavor of sesame creates appetite.

    • Deep-fried chicken

      Deep-fried chicken

      756 yen

      Soft domestic chickens are tangled with simple finish ginger, garlic soy sauce.

  • "Healthy" ※ Seaweed off Sado Island, recommended Niigata special food ingredients, salad etc.

    • Shin Mauma (Jinba so)

      Shin Mauma (Jinba so)

      432 yen

      That is also a seaweed with a different flavor.Please enjoy with soup soy sauce, not vinegared.It has a unique sense of tolerance, and is well received from people inside and outside the prefecture.

    • Mushroom bean wee (October-March)

      648 yen

      Take six kinds of mushrooms over time to make wooden bean paste, take it with bonito soup stock, tofu, scent of three leaves and citron.

    • Season salad

      Season salad

      1296 yen

      The photo uses salads of scallops and crabs from spring to early summer, and red stem salad pine noodles made by Sonogi for leaves.

    • Rocky rock

      648 yen

      Please order from the Niigata Yamanaka's mozuku shikisaki's toothpaste with vinegared sauce or soup stock soy sauce.

    • Japanese prawns and vinegared miso

      432 yen

      Cooking down the seaweed called Ehara We cooked and then cooked and cooked It is different from Sawadoru 's eating and drinking It is a plate board in our shop.One of Niigata seaweed dishes

    • Kurosaki tea bean Niigata Edamame (June to September)

      Kurosaki tea bean Niigata Edamame (June to September)

      648 yen

      "Yahiko girl" edamame shipped from around June! "Branded beans" "tea beans" can be tasted from around mid-July.

    • Moisturizing oysters (August ~)

      540 yen

      Niigata's representative edible chrysanthemum, which is shipped from around the summer.In the local, it is often eaten and it is used also for heavenly woman, but you can still enjoy the taste mostly by soaking.

    • Takigawa Tomigomi (June - September)

      Takigawa Tomigomi (June - September)

      540 yen

      Homemade handmade bean wee, Japanese food is a common dish, but by adding sesame to the hidden taste, it delivers a flavor and richness, and a stick-like appearance is also finished in a wind stream with a protruding mind It is a popular dish of three dishes from ancient times We are offering it for the summer season.

    • "Soushin" Deep-fried tofu

      "Soushin" Deep-fried tofu

      864 yen

      Prepare your favorite bean paste brand.Outside is crispy and inside is full of plenty of fried tofu.

  • "meal"

    • Eel bowl (half-length) 1,800 yen Tax-free eel meal (1) 3300 yen Tax (July to the end of August)

      Eel bowl (half-length) 1,800 yen Tax-free eel meal (1) 3300 yen Tax (July to the end of August)

      1944 ~ 3564 yen

      It uses plenty of "eel" produced by Aichi prefecture, plumps, baked with fragrant long-lasting sauce.Various ~ small bowls, incense, with soup ~ Soup's soup uses eel liver.We will recommend you for those who do not have time for about 30 minutes to finish."Available for both day and night"

    • Various ochazuke (salmon, plum, nori)

      756 yen

      Ideal for the dead after drinking, the soup stock taken carefully from bonito and kelp is a tasteless taste at home.